Adults were given coupons that could be used, together with cash, to purchase a certain quantity of grain per month. This 1975 ration coupon from Jilin Province entitled the bearer to purchase 100 grams of grain.




Shallow-Fried Potato Shreds

Sasha demonstrates how to make Shallow-Fried Potato Shreds. It's easy to make and very flavorful. You won't need any ingredients you can't buy at the supermarket, and the only kitchen utensils you'll need are a wok or skillet and a spatula. 

This dish beats Western-style hash browns in a walk. Itís the vinegar that makes all the difference. It is at its best and crunchiest if low-starch, red-skinned potatoes are used. Note: the video may take a minute or two to load.


Our thanks to Chris Billing and Ken Chalk for producing and editing the video above, which were filmed in the beautiful kitchen generously made available by Bob, Judith and Brian Bayer.


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